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Kinnickinnick / Bearberry

(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

Kinnickinnick/Bearberry is af first slow to establish, but well worth the wait. It produces rigid thick leaves that are 2cm long and half as wide. Very successful in a range of exposures, full sun to full shade, ensure to keep the grass away from this as Kinnickinnick looks unkempt with grass growing in it. Native seed sources will perform to expectations.

Landscape Use

Groundcover for all exposures, although its preference is well-drained soils. Plant on the south side for red winter leaf colour.


Low mat-forming evergreen groundcover growing to 3m wide over time.


Tiny urn-shaped flowers are white with pink rims and tend to hang underneath the foliage that  bloom in early summer. Leaves are green in the growing season, often turning reddish in the winter.

Water Needs

Extremely drought tolerant.


Red mealy berries ripen in the fall and often persist through the winter.